About Us

A rapidly expanding educational institution with more ambitious objectives is the Durkkas Academy of Research & Education (DARE). At DARE, we guarantee instruction from experts with solid subject-matter knowledge. DARE enriches your knowledge with new emerging courses. DARE is the best training platform, where a diverse collection of talents come together to exchange knowledge and generate chances in their own unique ways. We believe your search for the dream job or the dream professional begins with DARE.

Our Vision

DARE aims to enrich human society by inspiring young minds and transforming their knowledge of recent technologies.

Our Mission

DARE’s mission is to partner with clients in their ongoing success by making a significant contribution and differentiating themselves in the marketplace through creative application of talent and technology.

IT Training
We offer a variety of classes, including technology courses for IT students, career programmes for students looking to work in the IT industry, and fundamental IT courses for school children, stay-at-home moms, and elderly citizens, among others. Our graduate classes are made to fill the knowledge gaps between their college curriculum and the needs of the corporate world.

Certification programs
The Durkkas Academy of Research & Education (DARE) trains you for worldwide certification examinations provided by well-known IT firms like Oracle, Cisco, AWS, JAVA, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Your name is added to the directory of the certifying organisation once you clear these tests, designating you as an authority on that technology. People with these credentials are preferred for employment by IT firms. Additionally, certified experts are paid more and have more job options.